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Nike Foundation

Ben Gallagher Insight and Creative Strategy Director, Nike Foundation

"Working with Ruby Pseudo is inspiring, energising and a bit scary all at the same time. The team are ruthlessly committed to getting a no-holds barred understanding of what young people really think, feel and do. That means that what you might hear, is not what you might want to hear but most definitely what you should hear. The Ruby methodology is designed to get to the truth and from my experience it has done exactly that. If you want to get a fresh perspective on your consumer then the Ruby team are the right people for you."


Pete Pederson Global Chair of Technology Practice, Edelman

"Every great consumer PR program starts with great consumer insights. And in our business, many of the great insights usually start with Ruby Pseudo. More than a keen observer of pop culture happenings, Ruby has a knack for deconstructing the zeitgeist and helping us understand the drivers behind the trends. Through her wit, intelligence, urging, cajoling, logical reasoning and occasional desperate pleadings, she ensures that our communications strategies are in perfect alignment with the consumer insights she puts forth."


Dan Shute Managing Partner, Creature

"We've worked with Ruby on a number of occasions, on both European and Global jobs, and have been thoroughly pleased with the results on every occasion. A smart, charming, hard-working bunch, they've delivered insights and data that have helped us win pitches, and produce extremely successful campaigns, from the global network of switched on, incisive kids that they've spent years, and an enormous amount of energy building up. Proper pros, and a pleasure to work with."


Jo Hanbury Head of Planning, Anomaly

"In a world of high claims towards 'grass roots' consumer understanding, Ruby Pseudo talks and walks where others fail or fear to tread. The network is varied, live and integrated fully into the workings of the agency, giving the output a refreshing voice that is as authentic as the findings themselves. A strong understanding of media behaviours is also complemented by the ability to directly communicate within grass roots digital channels through blogger outreach and influence communications. This brings an extra level of value to the RPC offering and has proved very useful in past campaigns for Anomaly and Converse. With RPC we get honest insight, clearly presented in an inspiring visual context. Their small but perfectly formed team are committed beyond compare, very bright and a lot of fun. We love them."

Nike Inc

Simon Pestridge global head of nike sportswear, Nike Inc

"It has always been important to put the consumer at the forefront of your thnking... In today's changing world it's more important than ever. What Ruby and her network offer, is unfiltered, honest, and a real view of how interacting with your brand -- real time."

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