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Alex Catrinella, USA

I thank Ruby Pseudo Consulting for opening my already big eyes to massive bug eyes proportions. Allow me to (try to) explain. I'm feeling like an old hag now (26), but when I first met the lovely team (I think I was 21), they made me feel like -- wait for the corniness approaching...! -- I had a voice. But it's so true! Look, there's A LOT of voices (see also: noise) in NYC, and RPC came into my life just when I was tiptoeing toward a career in fashion/music/culture journalism... AKA I was a sort of timid intern for a thousand and three publications. I was a hot young mess at the time, and could barely pronounce Givenchy and lacked a designer walk-in closet unlike most well-off NYU-educated interns. But RPC believed in this kid with small town, big city dreams and they LISTENED and were genuinely interested to know about little ol' me -- my interests, what made me tick, what I loathed that was being thrown in the face's of our generation... if we felt like we were being heard! The Converse project totally made me and others from around the globe who were in a similar situation and mindset as me, hustling toward a dream or SOMETHING that may seem so far off and unobtainable to come together and to be heard on such a large scale (HELLO, IT'S CONVERSE) -- okay, and let's be honest, the comped hotel room and glamorous photo shoot was a big YOU'RE THE STARS, YOU MATTER, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD super friendly/fancy kick in the bum. I'm not sure if that's what y'all were going for, but I needed that -- in a sea of interns, I mattered too. I started to speak up, to contact exciting, emerging magazines and blogs that I truly believed in, and to take that with me to more mainstream publications... I went from a squeak to a roar, and have what I would say is now a pretty solid and exciting career. RPC believes in and cares about this generation and past generations who are trying to make something out of their world, whatever it may be. And even though I'm elderly now (JK), I am SO into/interested/inspired by the younger creatives out there who are doing their thing. Just look at my recent artist profiles. YOU MATTER KIDS!!! <3

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