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Annie, UK

Four years ago I was invited by a friend to a focus group run by some company called 'Ruby Pseudo' After the focus group meeting I was so taken with the concept of Ruby Pseudo that I got in touch and organised an internship with them for two months. The internship led to me staying for the whole summer and eventually leaving university to join them full time. In the year and a half that I spent with the team, who became more like friends and family, I learnt more than I did the whole time I was in university. They helped me grow and become someone that I actually wanted to be. I suppose that is the key thing about Ruby Pseudo, whilst there is all ways work and very important deadlines as a group of people they are so much more than that. In everything they do people are at the core. No matter how busy things get there is always time for someone in the network. I feel very honoured to have been part of such an amazing team and have enjoyed watching the amazing things that they have accomplished over the last year, I look forward to the incredible things to come.

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