Ruby Pseudo Consulting

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Bafic, UK

They're awesome. They have been helping me since I was 15 and now I'm 20. They just get it. They understand things in a way people in their industry don't. That industry is a very awkward place...I guess the standard procedure is people in suits asking young people questions about themselves and what they like to do. Because of the awkward atmosphere you get a really bad forced/false response, so then the research is wrong, and the brand has already started a project with false information. With Ruby Psuedo you come in have a chat and it's a back and forth conversation about a topic. 'X is happening right now' 'why is x happening?' 'is it related y and z? or is this an arbitrary thing' talks/research/interviews everything just flows well so the answers and the responses are going to be a lot more promising and fruitful than what other companies in there category are doing. They really did just help me pay my rent, my phone bill, and are buying me food because apparently my diet of vitamin c tablets and noodles isn't balanced. P.s Ruby has really great tattoos.

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