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Brandon, UK

God. Where to begin? A short paragraph isn't enough to express how incredible, how fantastic, how perfect the people from RPC are. I have done so much with them, from sitting in a hotel meeting room discussing what Converse are good and bad, to sitting in a Converse design studio in New York being videoed to see what my life is like and why I do the things that I do. From running around London trying to change money to Serbian dinar, to being part of a focus group for the British army. Even through times they didn't even need to me to help them with a project, they were still there for me and I always know that they're just a phone call away. Every project I have done for Ruby Pseudo, every survey I've filled out, every little idea/answer I give to them, they're always accepted and never judged. It's not just a generic survey to a computer, it's not just a set of questions wrote down on a piece of paper for me to give an answer to, it's a conversation with someone like-minded, similar and amazing. Why would you want anything more? LOVE YOU RPC, BWA xxx

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