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Grace, UK

I first met the team at Ruby Pseudo in 2009, and I’m still working with them, over four years later. They are a progressive entity that grows with their youth base, and whilst the assignments and projects move with the times, one thing is always constant – the inclusiveness, dedicated communication and enthusiasm of everyone involved. There aren't many people out there working to give youth a voice for their opinions, and even fewer willing to make those opinions count. The variety of projects I’ve been involved in over the past few years has made me step back and assess why I hold the opinions I do, how they relate to other young people and how the influence of media and technological advances changes the way we think. Ruby Pseudo doesn’t pick you up and drop you after a quickfire round of questions – you’re picked up, embraced, included and brought along for the ride; and it’s a ride that’s more than worthwhile.

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