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Leia, USA

The Ruby Pseudo group is honestly like a second family. They are amazing mentors who do incredible work. They have a special ability to find the coolest kids in the world and bring them together. When I started working with them when I was a teenager I had no idea they would have such an impact in my life (how could I know they were going to be so cool???). I was taught things I still use in my daily life. They've introduced me to so many amazing people and included me in just as amazing experiences. They've all basically got a sixth sense that gives them the ability to just know. That's not it though, they are generous, caring, truly enthusiastic about everything their kids's so awesome to have a support team there for anything I set my mind to...even if they are all the way in London! Their method of work is smart and inspiring. They're always doing big things and getting them done. It's no wonder we call Ruby "Mama Pseudo." Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♡♡(ू•‧̫•ू⑅)❤⃛*✲゚*。

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