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Taika, Ethiopia

Ruby Pseudo Consultancy is the most unique organization I have ever encountered. Its peculiarity ranges from its method of carrying out responsibilities and solving crisis to handling the young girls and employees. They immersed themselves in the lives of the youngsters and tried to deeply understand the stories. As they were open and friendly, they succeeded in gaining the girls’ trust. They also sacrificed their belief and plan to create an ideal environment for the girls. They achieved this by carrying out the interviews at venues that were familiar to the girls such as markets, village and schools. They worked hard to understand and respect the norms and cultures of the society. I can say with confidence that they weren’t the typical foreigners who waited for the natives to come them. They proved that their aim was to make real difference as they back to the villages of the initial interviews.Ruby Pseudo Consultancy is not only an organization, but also a family. I was lucky enough to be part of this amazing family. They have a staggering way of communicating with the employees. They are always willing to learn and open-minded towards the natives method of handling responsibilities. They are interested in learning more and are optimistic towards criticism. In general, Ruby Pseudo Consultancy is a dedicated and audacious organization that can make a real difference if given the opportunity.

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