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We do stuff & clients tell us we do it darn well too. My how our mums are proud... We've split our offerings up in to Ruby, the Team & The Network... Please see below for explanations on all. If there's something you think we might be able to help with, that you don't see on the list, please don't hesitate to give us a shout anyway...

"It has always been important to put the consumer at the forefront of your thinking... In today's changing world, it is more important than ever. What Ruby, her team & network offer is an unfiltered, honest & real view of how kids are interacting with your brand - real time. If you are of weak disposition, don't like the truth, or can't cope without one-way focus group mirrors - stay away from Ruby. If you want it told like it is, with some very real & useable strategy, recommendations & insight, you have found the right agency"

Ruby Pseudo Jenny Owen
Ruby Pseudo Consultancy the team
The ruby pseudo network the collective


An expert strategic planner & researcher, Ruby Pseudo definitely knows what she’s doing…

For the past ten years, Ruby has continuously consulted for myriad global brands across multifarious arenas; from Nike to Nokia, from Mars to Microsoft, there are few subjects or brands Ruby has not taken on. Outside of the zeitgeist & mass-market youth culture behemoth brands, Ruby has also worked with governments in Africa, Singapore & the UK [DFID, COI] on subjects including poverty, sex education, drugs, self-harm, underage pregnancy, drinking & youth self-esteem [to cite but a few.] A full list of clients can be found on our client page...


Having started as a writer, Ruby’s written services are a given.

With her caustic wit & attention to devious detail, Ruby’s first love was always writing. She’s currently writing two books [one on Estate Kids & another on New York’s Chelsea Hotel] & has written copy for Monocle magazine as well as Clash, MTV’s Sticky & the Guardian. Ruby is also the Youth Expert writer for international behavioural Insights agency Canvas8 & has written for renowned trends & insight think tank PSFK over the years.


With many tales to tell, Ruby is an amusing & internationally renowned speaker.

In 2013, Ruby opened the ‘Build a Movement’ section of Vivid Sydney’s fortnight long festival of ‘Light, Music & Ideas’, with her presentation on the more invisible elements of Youth Culture [arguably the most imperative elements for brands, since they’re the bits that the audience keeps hidden]. As well as speaking to Microsoft in Seattle, Nokia in Helsinki, Telefonica in Spain & Nike & Converse across the world, Ruby has also given talks for Starbucks, Mars, Sony Ericsson & UK broadcaster Channel 4 amongst others. She is a regular panellist & [along with her team members], has been featured on panels for PSFK, MTV & EMI.


An agency globally proficient in recruiting for other agencies worldwide

Because of the agency’s global reach, an integral part of the business is recruiting for other agencies within the international research industry. Through the Ruby Pseudo Network, RPC can reach tweens, teens, 30+ year olds, parents, hipsters & even grandparents other agencies can’t... & the agency can do it quickly. Nice. One recent project saw RPC recruit 120 teenage girls from the network, across six time-zones, whilst coordinating all interviews [for 6 individual offices], hiring translators, handling payments & liaising with all the teens. Didn’t get much sleep on that one, mind…

Little Black Book

Internationally influential taste-makers, cultural connectors and hyper-hipsters make up the LBB.

The Little Black Book offering from the Ruby Pseudo Network is for brands wishing to seed product, fine-tune future work, or ones simply looking for support of their message, campaign or conversation. From stylists, to authoritative bloggers, to journalists, photographers, DJs, models, stylists, artists, musicians & many more, this is a sassy section of the network that RPC also tracks in terms of trends, helping the agency to expertly consult on future strengths, weakness, opportunities & threats for any client worldwide.


Ruby Pseudo Network members are essentially the agency’s ambassadors… they can be yours too.

Ruby Pseudo Consulting looks after the Ruby Pseudo Network like a family, on an everyday basis, anyway. This means sourcing, setting up & running an ambassador program for brands comes naturally to the agency – & makes perfect sense. The first advocacy work was recruiting for - & running - the Rimmel 10 campaign across the United States, whilst the most recent [award-winning work] was with adidas for their Olympics 2012 campaign. The latter saw RPC manage & maintain ambassadors for the sportswear brand over an 18-month [& still ongoing] period. From organizing events, to remembering birthdays, to collecting shout-outs for the brand, to sending gifts, meeting parents, solving problems & dilemmas outside of the campaign, to just being a damn good friend & connected conduit for the brand, RPC & its network has the scope & attention to detail to carry out ambassadorial work in a way that is entirely their own...


The agency's fluency in recruiting lends itself perfectly to placements.

Our first placement, for British broadcaster Channel 4’s youth initiative ‘Battlefront’, saw Ruby Pseudo’s Network kid pick up an Emmy... Nice. RPC has also sourced internships for app designers, global magazines, advertising agencies, UK youth campaign ‘V. Inspired’ & various Nike projects over the years. Members of the Ruby Pseudo Network have even gone on to be our clients, which is, uh, weird but wonderful...


With a reach of over a million worldwide, casting is organic & dynamic. That's how we do.

From various castings for Nike, to the British Government’s ‘Talk To Frank’ drugs-awareness campaign, to most recently working with renowned British photographer Martin Parr for Stussy, to various videos & commercials, casting is increasingly an everyday part of the work the agency can carry out for clients.

30yrs + Research

Our youth reach naturally extends to encompass their families too...

Ruby Pseudo Network members introduce the agency to their extended family for projects as necessary. Having realized this was a natural advantage for the agency on a project involving parents talking about the subject of under-age drinking [for the British Government & ad agency W+K London], RPC & the network have since carried out numerous projects outside of the youth market. This includes recruiting travellers aged 39 years & under who have stayed in ‘mid-market hotels’, to social media experts & career experts in Germany under 40, to semi-pro golfers across the world aged 17-19 years old.

Tween research

Ruby Pseudo Network members have younger brothers & sisters, so tween research is effortless.

Through the global Ruby Pseudo Network [RPN] & the members' younger brothers & sisters, Ruby Pseudo Consulting is able to carry out research with the pre-teen market with ease. Having worked with tweens on product testing for Nike, merchandise testing for International design firm Skew, Conor Maynard artist branding for EMI, & John Grisham market understanding & awareness for global publishers Hodder & Stoughton, it’s a facet of the business that continues to grow each day.

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