If you are of weak disposition, don’t like the truth, or can’t cope without one-way focus group mirrors – stay away from Ruby. Smiley

If you want it told like it is, with some very real & Single Underline useable strategy, recommendations & Triple Underline insight, you have found the right person




Established in 2008 by CEO and Founder Jenny Owen [aka Ruby Pseudo] — after leaving her role at Nike as their Consumer Insights & Ideation manager — PSEUDO delivers first class consumer insight to its diverse range of global clients.

Our anthropological approach and fervent curiosity keeps us cultured, connected and out there. At PSEUDO, we are able to delve deeper and more intimately than many other agencies can. This is thanks to the living ecosystem of people we work with globally — our PSEUDO Network — a familial collection of 2,500+ individuals who we work with on a perpetual level. We look after them, so, they look after us, an aspect clients understand as they see the benefit this brings to the work.

We don’t work as other agencies do. For a pitch for a beer brand, for instance, we went into bars; to interview sex workers in Nigeria for the UK government, we went to brothels. While interviewing gang members in New York, we got arrested. We pride ourselves on doing the stuff other people can’t and on doing so without fear. It’s about stopping at nothing to get great work, something that defines the way we operate.

We’re not sycophants [a quality which got Ruby banned globally by one major soft drinks company], we tell it how it is. We think it’s better to be useful than flattering — a trait at the core of all the agency’s work. As we see it, there’s no point telling a client what’s going on without telling them what to do with it.

After an exhaustive, never-attempted-before tour around Ethiopia, Nigeria and Rwanda for the Nike Foundation and the British Government, our client at Nike explained:

Working with Ruby Pseudo is inspiring, energising and a bit Firework scary all at the same time.

The team are ruthlessly committed to getting a no-holds barred understanding of what people Double Underline really think, feel and do. That means that what you might hear is not what you might want to hear but most definitely what you should hear.

The Ruby methodology is designed to get to the truth and from my experience it has done exactly that. If you want to get a fresh perspective on your consumer, then Ruby and her team are the right people for you.

Director of Innovation and Insight

Nike Foundation

The fantastic thing about working with Ruby [and her crew] is the amazing combination of wild open-ended insight collection with disciplined rigorous analysis. It is rare in life to have both ends of a spectrum in a single place — but Ruby has it. In the field her crew was creative, improvisational, flexible and able to uncover and capture opportunities others would have missed. Back at home the discipline and analytic rigor that they applied in order to turn raw human encounters into grounded, supportable, actionable insight was truly impressive. It was like Miles Davis meets McKinsey. Plus, Ruby and her crew are always just fun to work, travel and hang out with. At Mother, we try to use them on every project we can.

Charlie McKittrick

Head of Strategy,
Mother New York

So that explains that, then.

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