Empty Tokyo

By Ruby on

Roughly a 3 minute read

For years we have been sold images of a frenetic Tokyo through pop-culture; whether it’s movie moments of a protagonist crossing the infamous busyness of Shibuya Crossing or the bright lights and gaudiness of Akihabara, otherwise known as Electric Town. We are used to a city that is full, bursting, bright and busy. Imagine Harajuku now and you’ll probably see teenagers and tourists in your mind's eye - buying, selling, chilling, hurrying. Now think of Ginza and that wide-open road with high-end retailers along its length and packed pockets full of money. Even those that have never been to Tokyo can imagine it; our favourite frenzied friend, a place to lose yourself in, even if it’s within a crowd of many, seen through the lens of others for so many years.

During the pandemic, we wanted to capture what these familiar streets looked like now and sent one of our favourite photographers Alex Thomas to capture the moment in time. From empty stations to shuttered shops, to streets you could actually stroll along, it may not have been as empty as England, but it was empty enough to be eerie. You can see more of Alex’s work at www.alextthomas.com