For one of our favourite technology brands ever, PSEUDO interviewed over 50+ people across Japan and the UK who are involved in the arts and creativity. From having a rather eccentric but brilliant conversation with the music legend that is Gilles Peterson [he was very interested in Ruby’s tattooes] in his basement studio, to Ruby over-excitedly interviewing the author of her favourite book [David W. Marx, author of the incredible ‘Ametora’], the respondents were some we were truly proud to talk to and present to our client. With the work signed off pre-Covid19 but launching just before the beginning of the pandemic, we had to pivot quickly. Nicely, we found that while our Access All Areas methodology is an important part of who we are, it’s the conversations we have and who we have them with that counts. In this way, no insight was lost and hundreds of hours of conversation could still take place. Within that unprecedented time, we were able to talk to artists, entrepreneurs, professors, magical thinkers, cultural experts, poets, authors, investors, headhunters, graphic designers, ceramicists, sculptors, film crew, the head of creativity for Austrailia [yep!], fashion editors, stylists, designers, photographers, producers, architects, musicians and much, much more. The list goes on but we can’t. What a wonderful bunch to work with.