Working for an iconic outdoor brand based out of Texas, we interviewed over 100 people [and spoke for over 500+ hours with them] across the breadth of Japan and the UK, talking to them about their outdoor lives and expectations of products and brands that play in the realm. From survival experts to SAS and military heroes, to land-owners, bushcrafters, outdoor tour guides, primitive skills teachers, lords and barons — we spoke to myriad people from diverse backgrounds to get the real insights we needed. There were sailors, soldiers, climbers, campers, foragers, journalists, professors, specialists, experts, guides, instructors, professionals and more. We interviewed in fields, in hammocks, in caves, in tents, on boats and while traipsing across the Brecon Beacons in Wales. We fished, we foraged, we walked, we trekked, we got really, really wet and really, really muddy. But hell, we enjoyed it.