For a legendary British beauty brand in the sustainable world, we interviewed 50+ people across the U.S, Germany, U.K, France and Japan, from utter heroes in sustainability living off-grid in the middle of nowhere, to those at the other end of the spectrum, living in cities while striving to make a real difference. As ever, our PSEUDO methodology came into play; we donned bee-keeping suits and made homemade soy sauce in Japan, we worked the rice fields and helped collect locusts from a nearby village. We washed our faces in riverbeds and used compost toilets on student communes. We off-set everything [we always do, by the way] and used our network to ensure travel was kept to a minimum. We spoke to professors of sustainability and leaders in the space, we planted vegetables, interviewed on canal boats and got around by bike. Helping pave the way for new products, new strategies and new ways of communicating, the work was rolled out across the brand. A client who has continued to be one of our favourites, we salute them.